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Toyota Wreckers Melbourne

Do you have a vehicle in your garage that you wanted to wreck? Toyota Wreckers Melbourne specializes wrecking vehicles regardless of your vehicle’s model and manufacturing year; whether it is a car, van, 4wd, and truck. We also accept vehicles that have been damaged, scrapped, and the old and unwanted ones.

We have been into the wrecking industry for the past 25 years thus, giving us various and experiences that we have applied for a better and even the best services in Wreckers Melbourne. As we work for years, we have been into recycling and reusing vehicle spare parts advocacy which we are still working on until this very moment.

What Vehicles We Buy? 2018-04-17T01:21:19+00:00

We buy any vehicle even its running or not. Damaged or Scrap. We pay cash on the spot no matter what make or model is your vehicle.

How Do I Get Cash ? 2018-04-17T01:22:17+00:00

Getting cash for your used or scrap car is very easy. Simply call us or fill our online vehicle evaluation quote online.

What Paperwork Required? 2018-04-17T01:23:51+00:00

No Major paperwork required when you sell to us. Additionally, our professional towing driver will help you to identify you and make it simple as possible.

What We Don’t Buy? 2018-04-17T01:29:15+00:00

We do not buy stolen cars, a vehicle without wheels or major missing parts. It is important to take you personal belonging from the vehicle before pickup.

Will Towing Cost Me? 2018-04-17T01:29:19+00:00

Absolutely not, We do not charge our customers for towing their scrap vehicle but offer the best possible cash on the spot for their unwanted vehicles.

Get Instant Cash for Wrecking Toyota

Do you want an instant cash for your old, scrap, wreck and junk vehicle? You may think that the vehicle in your garage doesn’t have any value anymore but if you’ll choose Toyota Wreckers Melbourne in selling you vehicle, we would definitely help you earn big and instant cash for your vehicle even if it’s already in a bad condition.Do you need the cash immediately?

You don’t have to worry for transacting with Toyota Wreckers Melbourne means we would pay you instant cash which we would give you on the spot! If you wanted to buy a new vehicle then you can instantly buy it through our instant cash.

Free Removal of Toyota Vehicles

Worrying about how you will transport your vehicle to our warehouse? Then worry no more for Toyota Wreckers Melbourne is going to offer you a free removal and towing services. You may be hesitant in selling your vehicle for it can’t be driven anymore thus, Toyota Wreckers Melbourne is going to help you transport your scrap, wreck, old, and unwanted vehicle from your garage to our warehouse.

We have our experienced staffs and manpower that has been trained just to give you the best services and one of these services is the Free removal and we assure you that we will definitely take care of your vehicle as soon as you pass it on to us.

Cash for Toyota Vehicles – Any model and year

One of the problems car owners are having difficulty with selling their vehicle is the mileage record of the vehicle; old car normally have great mileage record compared to the new ones but here Toyota Wreckers Melbourne, we will surely buy your car regardless how old it is.

We also pay cash for vehicles regardless of its make and model. Here in Toyota Wreckers Melbourne, you would definitely get your vehicle whatever condition it is in. You location is also not a problem to us for wherever you are in Melbourne or in the suburbs of the city, we would still do business with you.

Toyota Dismantlers Melbourne

Our company is actually not just Toyota Wreckers Melbourne consequently; we also cater Toyota Dismantlers Melbourne. Here, we dismantle and recycle Toyota vehicle parts and we offer these services to various Toyota makes such as cars, trucks, 4wd, Utes and vans. Basically, the company is into catering everything a client needs and we are aiming to give our clients the best services thus, we learned from our experiences this past 25years and still striving to serve you more as time goes.

There are actually a lot of uses with these old and junk cars and one of those is the vehicle metal which can still be used. As for data analysis, recycling metal rather than making one would save 74% of the energy and recycling steel can actually saves natural resources and energy which makes the steel industry go on with their advocacy.

Top Cash Paid On The Spot

You may want to know the quote of your vehicle, then don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop an email through our email account so we could give you the quote of your vehicle and it is totally for free with no extra charges. We are indeed a company that you can rely to and we strived hard just to give you the best of the best services in the city.

Toyota Wreckers Melbourne and Toyota Dismantler Melbourne is actually a LMCT holder which gives you all the assurance that we can take care of your vehicle and it is in safe hands. Recycling and reusing vehicle parts is indeed the goal of our company for it is not just good economically relatively; it is also good for our mother nature. As what the saying from Ed Begley, Jr. says, “If you’re not buying recycled products, you’re not really recycling”.

Scrap Car Removals Melbourne

Toyota Car Wreckers Melbourne

Having second thought regarding your car’s model? No worries for whatever model you Toyota car is, it won’t matter in Toyota Wreckers Melbourne. We do accept all Toyota cars

Scrap Car Removals Melbourne

Toyota Van Wreckers Melbourne

We also wreck and buy Toyota Van with various models from Toyota Tarago, Toyota Masterace, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Townace, Toyota Litace. You just have to email or call us for a free quotation and we would be happy to pay you instant cash for your Toyota Van.

Scrap Car Removals Melbourne

Toyota 4wd Wreckers Melbourne

As we wreck all Toyota vehicle makes, we also wreck 4wds such as Toyota Land, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Highlander, Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Surf therefore, if you have one of these units at home, feel free to contact our team and we will eventually get in to you.

Scrap Car Removals Melbourne

Toyota Truck Wreckers Melbourne

Do you have bigger Toyota unit at your garage that you wanted to get rid of and finally save the space it is occupying in your garage? We would be happy to wreck your truck and we would accept both Toyota Coaster and Toyota Dyna for Toyota Truck Wreckers Melbourne.